New Mahina in Taurus

Break the Silence - Unlock your Voice 

E Komo Mai (Welcome) to the New Mahina Red Tent gathering. Take some time and space to allow yourself to drop in and journey through these practices. Enjoy a little astro insights, followed by potent practices to embody and work with the current energies. Aloha! 

As the moon moves into Taurus at 27º to meet the sun on May 18th at 13.13am (est), we are experiencing a lot of Fixed Mama Earth energy. As spring is blossoming and coming out into the world, Taurus reminds us to ground in and sink our roots deep. Taurus brings us into our bodies and sensations of the physical plane - touch, taste, sight, smell and sound. As Taurus rules the throat, voice and neck - what better time to unlock your voice?! Go for a walk barefoot, wear greens and browns, and follow the practices below for honoring and tuning into this New Mahina. As the moon is in her dark phase, it's a reminder to bring your energy inwards. To fully receive and integrate the gifts of this rich earth moon, we must slow down and take one step, one breath, one moment at a time. 

Mercury goes retrograde 13º in Gemini also on May 18th until June 11th. Gemini is our mutable air sign, and you may have already been feeling the indecisive dizziness and multiple social engagements that tags along with Gemini. This is a good time to take apart, dissect and begin to piece back together. Gemini is our sign of communication and ideas, though while Mercury is retrograde, it's a time of harnessing and brewing - like a witch stirring the magik medicine of her cauldron. Make a vision board, write goals, take your time to feel into how you wish to birth yourself after the hurricane of energies blow through. I like to think of it as a gestation and creation time of internal and personal matters. 


Speak up Goddess
Share your Voice
Express your Truth
Be yourSelf
There is no need to swollow your Emotions
There is no need to hide your Passion

Speak up Goddess
The World is Waiting to Hear 
What You Have to SAY!


For centuries womban have been silenced, choked, hung, and put down. We have been burned at the stake for sharing healing wisdom passed down from our tribal ancestors. In today's modern day, most women are safe to express themselves, and still choose to stay quiet. The fear that is in our body, and buried in our throat chakra is so deep - the hidden treasure at the bottom of our personal ocean floor, waiting to be unleashed! 

Even if you are feeling shy to express your Wild Self, there are some practices you can use to begin to unlock your throat and break the silence. Bonus: these practices naturally tone the jaw line and release excess bloat from the face. They are also amazing stress relievers, as we hold so much locked tension in the jaw and neck.

Lion's Breath

Can be done anytime, anywhere and for any reason! At times I find myself just releasing my jaw, sticking out my tongue and roaring spontaneously as a quick stress reliever. Also if you are a coffee or caffeine drinker, and intensely focus for long periods of time, this practice is so so relieving for any tension built up in the jaw. It looks and feels kind of funny at first, which may bring up laughter and/or insecurities - which makes it a beautiful, safe way to build courage and express your playful, silly self.

*Inhale deeply and fully through the nose

*invoke the energy of the Lion, puffing out your chest and broadening your shoulders

*Exhale, stick out your tongue as far as it will go, gaze up towards your 3rd eye (space between your eyebrows) and either haaaaaaaaaaaa or roaaaaarrrrr your breath out fully

*Do this minimum 5 times or as long as you need to clear, release, and charge up your lion's courage

*Bonus: To open deeper, you can tilt your head back, and stick your chin to the sky as you exhale and roar out. Also, great to practice in backbends as it helps to release deep blockages. 


Kali Chopping

One of my favorite cathardic practices for shedding fear and anger, as well as releasing strong emotional charges, deep blockages, and cutting through the muck! For this practice you will want to find a safe space where you can have some privacy and feel comfortable fully Expressing! 

*Close your eyes and imagine building a wall in front of you stacked with all your fears, blocks, pain, anger and sadness.

*Allow the wall to take it's own depth, shape, and texture - allow the emotions to rise and the heat to build

*Come into a yoga squat position (as shown to the left) or can kneel with pillows under the knees if more comfortable. 

*Call in the energy and assistance of Kali (known as the dark goddess in Hindu Tradition, as she chops heads and drinks blood. She is a slayer of our inner demons - goddess of creation, preservation and destruction)

*Extend your arms out in front of you and create your chopping mudhra (hand gesture). Grip your hands together, fingers interlocking - extend your pointer fingers outwards and thumbs upwards (looks like an 'L' shape)

*As you inhale, raise your arms up over head and call in courage, strength and fierceness

*On a mighty exhale, swing your arms swiftly down in front of you with a loud 'HA' 

*Continue with one breath one movement.. 'HA, HA, HA, HAAAA, HA, Ha, HAA, HA, HAA, HA...'

*Allow your body to take over as your focus fully on chopping away your walls of fears, emotional charge, self doubt, and anything that's blocking you

*Repeat for 1-3 minutes

*Lay down in Shavasana (corpse pose, comfortably laying on the back with palms facing up), close your eyes and breathe

*Melt into the earth and allow any feelings, sensations, memories, etc to arise

*Journal your experience 


Jaw Massage

The Jaw and the yoni are directly related. When we hold tension in one, we hold tension in the other. Our Jaw is a great place to massage and bring conscious relaxation to. You can even imagine, as you are massaging your jaw, your yoni is also reaping great healing and opening benefits. I find that if i have any neck or head tension that massaging my jaw is extremely relieving of pressure buildup. There is no real 'right' or 'wrong' way to do this, most importantly is to go slow, breathe deep and follow your sensations and instinct. Become your own healer.

*Find a quiet space where you will be left alone and can get comfy

*Always begin by exploring

*Find the place where your upper and lower jaw meets, this is usually the place of most tension

*Open and shut your jaw slowly as well as rotate it in circles,  feeling for any tender or tense places

*Play with different pressure and strokes and do what feels good

*Also feel for the spot where the jaw meets just below and behind the earlobe 

*Move with conscious awareness and intension to release and open

Happy New Mahina Awakening!

In Truth, 
Alila Grace