Yoni Vitality - Healthy, Toned and Sensual

The womb is the most flexible and strongest muscle in the body. It has the power to create life and has the strength to carry a baby as it gestates. Most women don’t take the time to tap into her womb on a day to day basis. So much energy and effort is put into body image, anti-wrinkle creams, what clothes to wear, and I am often surprised how often the womb is not even considered - unless a women is during moon time or pregnant. 

If our womb is the strongest muscle in our body, it only makes sense that we include her in our daily exercise routine to keep her toned and vital. It is extremely imperative that women take control of their womb and pelvic floor health. Our womb is our source of power, creative center and energy cord to our ancestors. How we relate to our womb is how we relate to our world. 

During the course of a woman’s lifetime, the womb and pelvic floor will get stretched out from average wear and tear. A woman that is sexually active, using any insertion method for menstruation and especially after childbirth will undergo a variety of changes and reshaping of her pelvic floor.  The number one solution for better sex, easier childbirth and a fully functioning bladder later in life is Kegel lifts and Jade Yoni Egg exercises. 

Kegel exercises are actively engaging and releasing the PC muscles. The easiest way to locate is to contract the muscle that stops you from peeing. Then contract a little deeper and you will feel more of a lift in your yoni/vaginal canal (you will see the word ‘yoni’ which is sanskrit for ‘sacred space’ ‘source of life’ ‘vagina/womb’ - where you see yoni, know we are referring to the vagina). Kegel exercises can be done anywhere, at any time with no extra equipment. It is a beautiful, sacred practice that is completely yours, as it’s unnoticeable to any outside observer.  To take your experience to the next level, invest in a Jade Yoni Egg (http://www.mahinacup.com/buy/jade-yoni-egg). Yoni Eggs are amazing healing crystals and tools for ancient practices of healing womb trauma, toning the pelvic floor, awakening dormant energies, increasing fertility and expanding orgasmic potential! 

Increased Pleasure

A women who has a toned and tight yoni will have increased pleasure during all sexual play. Her orgasms will be stronger and longer, her pleasure will be heightened, and her partner, as well, will reap great benefits! As we train our vaginal muscles by actively contract and release, we are building strength and endurance in our pleasure, power and creative center.  During intercourse, you can play with light pulses or longer holds. Check in with your partner, communication is sexy and can be of great use in discovering each others needs and desires! Take control of your Sensual Self! 

Orgasmic Birth

To birth a baby vaginally involves complete letting go, opening and release of the yoni canal. By practicing your kegels and jade egg exercises, in which you train your muscles to actively contract, you simultaneously create a muscle memory to actively relax. The womb is like any other muscle, in which the greatest point of contraction, leads to the greatest point of relaxation. With practice, you will learn how flower open your yoni like a blossoming lotus. 

Bladder Control

I see many women who go through menopause and begin to lose control of their bladder functioning (sneezing, coughing, laughing leads to embarrassing leaks and drips). It is also common for women to notice their bladder and/or uterus has dropped down and this usually leads to a surgical procedure in which a net is placed in the womb to hold everything up. This is prevalent in woman who have given birth and not taken extra care to re-tone and strengthen their pelvic floor.  The bladder and womb of a women pre-childbearing sits at an angle (around 90 degrees) to keep all it's organs in place. As the womb stretches to support a growing baby it pushes down on the bladder and expands outwards. After birth, the womb and bladder are still stretched and the angle is now wider. The sharper the angle, the better everything stays in place. Imagine a cup half full, the more you tip it over, the more liquid will spill out. Postnatal kegel and Jade Yoni Egg exercises are crucial, as they assist in revitalizing the entire pelvic floor.  Note: A busy mama can place notes on the diaper changing table or rocking chair to remind her to do her kegels - as they can be done anywhere, at any time! 

Womb Wisdom/Source of Power

The womb is a woman’s source of power, her creative center. The more you tap into your womb wisdom, you will find greater intuition, dreams manifest, and positive attraction. Our womb holds and receives the wisdom of all our ancestors; past, present, and future. To take the time out of your day to harness your sacred center is life-altering. The only risk is trying, the reward is beyond your knowing. 


*Practices for Yoni Vitality and Pelvic Power!*


Womb Heart Connection

Before you engage in any of the following exercises, take a moment to connect your heart and yoni. This will align your sensual self with your heart’s desire (shakti and bhakti) - making your experience more sacred, elevated, and overall juicy.

*Find a cozy, sacred space where you will be left alone - turn off devices

*Come to a comfortable seated of laying down position

*Place one hand on your heart and one on your yoni

*Feel for the warmth of both, notice their same or different pulses and voices - really allow yourself to drop in and Feel

*Ask consent of both parties before continuing 

*On your next inhale, arch your back, open your heart and invite love in

*On your exhale, tuck your pelvis, and crunch your middle, bringing your hands closer together and inviting your heart and yoni to merge forces

*Continue for 3-5 minutes - the slower you enter, the deeper you go!

*Give yourself space afterwards to integrate and reboot

*Breath, notice, feel and allow space for integration 


Yoni Elevator  

The vaginal canal is a beautiful hollow tube, filled with interconnected muscles that move in a spiral. You can imagine as you squeeze up, the spiral of energy and muscles comes up and into the body, and as you release down, the muscles and energy relax and spiral down and out of the body. This exercise increases dexterity and isolated yoni muscle control. Take your time and only go as far and deep as you can go. 

*Find a cozy, sacred space where you will be left alone - turn off devices

*Come to a comfortable seated of laying down position

*Begin to breathe into your yoni and bring your awareness down into her

*Imagine your intricate yoni canal of spiral muscles like an elevator traveling up and down

*Take a big inhale, on your exhale, begin to contract the PC muscles from the bottom, up - Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. pause at the top, continuing to squeeze as best you can

*On your inhale, slowly release your contraction down the elevator - Level 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. basement (fully release and blossom)

*Remember, training your yoni muscles are like starting any exercise program, it takes practice and persistence.  Do the best you can and keep breathing. 

*Continue for 3-5 minutes 

*Breath, notice, feel and allow space for integration 

Note: I love to add this exercise onto the beginning or end of my yoga/movement routine as it instantly taps you into your power center and is extremely meditative. 


Pelvic Tilt Sips

This is a practice that includes use of Jade Yoni Egg (if you don't have one, you can order your 100% genuine nephrite Jade Yoni Egg at http://www.mahinacup.com/buy/jade-yoni-egg). You can also do this practice on it's own or incorporating use of your finger.  This practice helps to open energy blocks in the sacrum, activate sensual pleasure and increase tone to yoni muscles.

*Find a cozy, sacred space where you will be left alone - turn off devices

*Come to a comfortable laying down position with soles of feet kissing the earth and knees up towards the sky

*Begin to breathe into your yoni and bring your awareness down into her

*First begin with pelvic rocks

*Inhale, tilt your pelvis to the sky, imprinting your back flat to the ground beneath you

*Exhale, tilt your pelvis down, increasing the arch in your spine 

*Note: the bum stays on the floor, it’s only the pelvic bowl that rocks

*Ask content of your yoni to insert your Jade Yoni Egg. 

*With breath and awareness bring your egg to your yoni lips

*As you inhale, rock your pelvis up, while sipping in on your egg

*As you exhale, rock your pelvis down, while blossoming open and releasing egg out

*Repeat for 3-5 minutes

*Allow your body to take over, as your mind steps out of the way

*Breath, notice, feel and allow space for integration 

**Allow space for integration and processing after all practices. Journal your experiences and be easeful. These exercises are meant to be joyful and pleasurable!**


With Love and Pelvic POW, 

Alila Grace