Yoni Blossom - Spring Open your Temple Gateway

Womban are a divine reflection of Mama Earth, mirroring her ebbs and flows of seasons and cycles, currently we are both experiencing a spring blossoming and awakening. Flowers are offering their pollen to the bees and petals to the sunshine. The air is light and fresh, spring is in our step. It's time to dust the cobwebs off the shelf and open the windows of our Yoni Temple to let the Light shine in. The following series of practices will energize and awaken your yoni, your sacred creation center while bringing you in tune with her natural rhythms and her deepest desires. 


Yoni Sun Bathe

This fun and activating practice is about shining Light on dark spaces. It invites and calls in the sun energy; the warm, golden glow of life-force vitality into your whole being. Our yoni is our portal to connect with the world. We most often keep her hidden and in dark spaces, especially during the cold winter months. This exercise is a spring awakening, a blossoming open of your own flower petals to greet and absorb the sunshine. 

*Find a private outside location in nature or if it's still chilly where you are you can do this through a window with the spring sun shining through

*Take a deep breath and as your peel away layers of clothing, imagine peeling away layers of winter self

*Find a cozy laying down position with your yoni towards the sun. 

*Open your legs into birthing position with soles of feet kissing the earth and knees wide or, if more comfortable, feet together and knees fall to opposite sides like a butterfly

*Position yourself so you can feel the warmth of the sun enter into your yoni

*Bring your hands to inverted ‘V’ on womb, outlining your with pubic triangle

*Take a few deep breaths into your yoni

*With every inhale, invite love, light and gratitude into her

*With every exhale allow any tightness or tension to melt to the earth beneath you. 

*On your next inhale imagine sipping in the suns mana (life-force energy) as a ray of golden Light into your yoni

*At the top of the inhale, hold your breath and contract PC muscle (like you are holding back from peeing) and slowly massage womb area in circular direction (you can play with going clock wise and counter clockwise as both have different healing energies)

*As you massage, imagine spreading the healing and awakening Light through your womb and yoni temple ~ We are inviting her to open her eyes and awaken!

*When the exhale comes, release PC muscle and allow any stale, old energies to pour out your yoni, releasing back to mama earth

*Repeat this practice for 5 minutes - keep breathing and feeling. 

*Allow sensations to arise and move through you. 

*Inhaling light, exhaling dark

*Give thanks to all elements and guides who assist you in your journey of awakening and healing

When finished allow your breath to return to it's normal pattern, and notice any feeling, sensations and emotions arising.. Be still for 5 minutes for reintegration and reboot. 


Birth/Death Cycle

Life is dualistic. In order for life, there must be death. It’s like cleaning out our closet; getting rid of the old to invite in the new. This next exercise is a practice of letting go of one thing in order to make space to call in another. 

(This is a journaling exercise, so be sure to have paper and favorite writing utensil nearby)

*Bring your awareness back to your yoni and breathe into her

*Lovingly ask of her, "what are you ready to release" 

*Write down the message you receive on your first paper

*Fold, bless and put aside with an ‘x’ on the front. 

*Come back to your yoni awareness

*Lovingly ask of her, "what are you ready to create?" 

*Write the message you receive on your other paper

*Fold, bless and put aside with your a symbol of your choice on the front 

 *The paper with the ‘x’ on it is to be released via the element of your choice - transmute in the fire, offer to the water, bury in the earth or send it up in the wind. 

*Release with prayer and gratitude

*Give thanks to the element of transmutation for their assistance 

*Take the other paper and place it under your pillow or on your alter - a sacred, special place where it’s energy will be blessed and connected to your own

*Journal your experience and continue to check in with your intention of creation

*To take this exercise a step further, you can create an 'action plan' - physical steps you can take now to help you reach your goal


Yoni Massage

To finalize this series, the yoni massage practice is intended to give some lovingly attention, as well as hydration and re-circulation to the yoni and womb area. Like any other part of our body, our yoni craves safe, healing touch. Give yourself the love you deserve. Love your yoni and she will love you too! Be playful and free to explore. 

*Make space to be alone and uninterrupted 

*Bring your favorite massage oil - my favorite is Love your Honey Edible Balm (https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/85039064/love-your-honey-edible-lip-and-body-balm?ref=shop_home_active_1) or coconut oil infused with essential oils

*Bring your hands to your heart space and think about the most joyous moment in your Life and allow yourself to Feel Love

*Rub palms together vigorously to build heat

*Grab a dab of oil 

*Place warm hands onto your yoni and breathe into her 

*Ask consent before moving forward

*Begin by lovingly rubbing oil on whole womb space and the outside of yoni lips

*As you feel the pulse, listen to what your yoni needs 

*Spread your oil like your spreading love and healing around your sacred creation temple

*Call in your intentions and massage YES into her

*Explore her with childlike curiosity

*Get to know her curves and crevasses

*Keep breathing, keep feeling

*Go slow and allow your body to take over

*Enjoy the process


With Love and Yoni Sunshine,

Alila Grace