Venus Rising - New Mahina in Virgo

  Art: Venus by Chie Yoshi

Art: Venus by Chie Yoshi

As our sensual, lady of the Rose Goddess, Venus reemerges from the underworld she invites us to come into full alignment with our heart. This means honestly and courageously assessing all our relationships and connections, starting with self-love. 

What relationships in your Life are filling you with Divine Love and which are draining you? Are you able to fully let Love in, or are you sacrificing and sabotaging yourself in order to fill wounds and needs for love. Are you Loving your Sacred Self? Taking the time to self-nurture and reflect?

It is imperative that we stand strong in our Truth, which is not always easy to swallow, yet necessary to hear. In order to be a succulent, sovereign, Shakti priestess, we must set boundaries as an act of Love. 

There is a huge upheaval of energy currently as Gaia is purging and healing. As wombyn, and reflections of the Great Mother, we can willingly step-aboard our personal train of evolution, or we will get dragged behind.. either way, Change is Here. 

Many relationships are riding supreme rollercoasters and have sunken into their own underworld - if the relationship is not serving the highest potential of transformation, its not serving anyone - period. 

Amp up your breath, deep into your belly, and Feel the places where you have abandoned the cries of your deep Heart's desires. It's time to soften around those tough walls of resistance and be Clear and Conscience with our Truth, coming into total alignment with all our relations. 

Remember, the work we are doing is healing 7 generations behind us and ahead of us. To be Divinely Selfish, is to be in Service of All of Humanity. Don't hold back. Be unapologetic in your needs. 

Let yourself melt into Love, feel the embrace of Venus hold you and assist you now. Feel your surge, your Mana, feel your sacred sensual self - now use that as Creative Potential. The world needs you Now to Share. 

A few practices detailed below to help you drop into the Heart of your Sacred Feminine. 

☆ Ho'o pono pono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. It's a ritual preformed to bring everyone involved back into deep heart-spaced alignment - Love, Trust, and Understanding. 


⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯ Heart Ho'o pono pono ◯ ► ▻ ⋄

Bring your hands to your heart and breath into her. Feel her heart beat and any emotions that arise. Long, smooth, deep, luscious breaths into the Heart center (anahata). 

Ask Mother Earth, Gaia beneath you to support and hold you. Ask Father Sky above to watch over you and connect you to your cosmic Self. 

Repeat the following for 3-5 minutes while staying focused on the breath and heart. Invite yourself to Feel Fully and allow the entire rainbow spectrum of your emotions to arise. Say each verse twice, imagining first saying it to your heart, then as your repeat imagine your heart saying it back to you. Drop into prayer and make sure you have a sacred private space. 

1. I Love You. I Love You. 

2. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry.

3. Please Forgive Me. Please Forgive Me.

4. Thank You. Thank You. 

Once you have finished your cycle, ask your Heart what she needs to release. Write it down on a piece of paper. 


⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯ Womb Ho'o pono pono ◯ ► ▻ ⋄

Repeat the same process above, now with your womb. Breathing deeper into your belly and womb space, as your hands rest on her in a downward facing triangle. 

Allow feeling and emotions to be appreciated and felt. The only way we can release is if we feel. 

When finished with this process, grab your paper and pen and write down what your womb wishes to birth. 

☽☾ The upcoming new moon is fertile as she is entering Virgo, our Earth mama and archetypal Virgin. It's a perfect time to take your pages of release and calling in and offer them back to Gaia ma in prayer and reverence. Ask that she will take any pain and hurt and compost it into renewable energy and that she takes your seed of intention deep into her own womb and assist you in birthing fourth you next beautiful creation. ☽☾ 

It's All Beautiful.

It's All Perfect.

It's All Sacred.

Keep Breathing.

Be Love. Feel Love. Express Love. Speak Love. Create Love. Make Love. We Are Love. 

In the Light of Love,

♡Alila Shakti Grace