Alchemical Union

When a womban is held, supported, loved and appreciated by the masculine,
she can surrender All of herself
to the river of Divine Will
She can Melt into her innate rhythm and
embody her Divine Design
She no longer has to be desperate for Love and desires
but rather magnetizes everything to her with her
Radiance and Holy Essence.
She feels comfortable and safe in the world
a deep Trust in the Web of Life
as well as her own dance of Shakti 

When, Man and Womban, together
seek and devote to their highest self
to their soul evolution
to being in service of the Creator
when they are in full truth, transparency and vulnerability
they will both begin to shift on a cellular and DNA level
they assist each other in birthing their missions
and Remembering their unique soul imprint
together they will Rise
together they taste Union

this is the sacred
which is our Birthright
the pathway has already been carved out
by those that have Loved before us
the veil is thinning
the gates to the eternal are opening
the Light is shining upon us
now it's time to
Let Go