Remember Union

My Beloved Sacred Masculine, 

there is a difference between the desire to fuck a women
and the desire to adorn her with your love
to shower her from head to toe with your kisses
to feel your tongue caress every curve and crevasses of her holy temple
to call out her wild woman
to suckle on her swollen breasts
to take your time to be sure no freckle gets left behind

a man who knows he is in the arms of a goddess
will ask permission before entering her sanctuary
will live to make her moan and shake
will, with his breath and presence, let her know she is safe to surrender all of her
as he holds the key to unlock her hidden chambers
he is a devotee to her sacred scriptures
one who knows how to bath in the waterfalls of her nectar
and awaken the songs of the ancestors in her bones 

a man in his God nature knows how to use his wand
to call upon the Light
piercing thru the veil of illusion
slaying the demons of her past
the sharp sword of Truth
leaving only the frequency of Love behind
and planting the seed of a new tomorrow 

breath meets body
undulating to the pulse of one heart beat
snakes meet at the gate of the eternal
Soul, Sex, God - uniting
the holy trinity
we remember
remember union

no, this is not fucking, a way of the old paradigm
this is the rapture
the merging of souls
alchemical marriage

we are walking out of darkness
and embodying Light 

in service of Beloved,

Alila Sophia Grace 

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