Heart Breath Meditation

"Intimacy" - Into Me I See

Yes, our greatest intimacy is seeing the divine reflection of ourself peering lovingly back upon ourself. This Heart Breath Meditation is an invitation to see yourself in the eyes and heart of another. To allow yourself to surrender to being seen and experienced at your depth. 

This practice is an amazing way to increase intimacy and connection. It can be done with a lover, a child, a friend or self. It can be done in the heat of a sexual exchange, in the friendliest of ways, or even with the visualization of 'other.'  This exercise can be a beautiful and sacred way to call in and open to receive a beloved. I also Love doing this practice with Gaia Mama, as it's such a beautiful way to sink into the harmonics of the earth resonance, feeling the love and support from Divine Mother. 

I am going to map out 3 ways to experience and play with the Heart Breath so you can choose which is perfect for you in this moment. Its always nice to set the space, light a candle, turn off cell phones, and have a mutual consent to be together in a sacred safe container for the duration of the practice together. 


1. Hand to Heart (our hands are an extension of our heart)


♡ Sit across from your partner so knees are touching (or imagine them sitting across from you). Begin by getting comfortable and a gentle eye gazing. You opening yourself to be received by them while sending love through your gaze for them to be received by you. 

♡ When ready, bring your left hand (feminine, receiving side) to your heart and reach out to place your right hand (masculine, giving side) on top of your partners hand over their heart. 

tree hugger

♡ Deepen the breath and continue holding soft and loving eye gaze. 

♡ See if you can organically match breaths so that while they breathe in, you breathe out and while your breathe out they breathe in. Let your breath be Long and Full, riding on each others wave of love. 

♡ Visualize as you breathe in you are receiving their Love, their essence, their presence and as your breathe out you are offering them your Love, your essence, your presence. This creates a beautiful infinity loop of connection between your hearts. 

♡ If you wish to go deeper, you can visualize this infinity loop swirling between you, your shared breath glowing a soft pink ray. Allow this ray to expand and come alive with every breath. 

♡ Stay here for some time, melting into each-others gaze, melting into each-others compassionate Love. 

♡ Finish the practice by bringing your hands together in namaste (prayer position) and bow to each other in recognition of seeing and feeling the Divine in one another. 


2. Heart to Heart 


♡ It's a good idea to always ground in your own energy before opening to receive someone else's. This may look like a moment of meditative silence with eyes closed before engaging with the other. 

♡ Begin by sitting across from each other and gentle eye gazing. Open to receive and offer your Love, presence and essence to one another. 

tantra heart meditation

♡ Sit in a position where you can comfortably connect hearts. This can be with one sitting in the lap of the other and in a heart hugging positions. This can also be laying down in a cuddle. 

♡ Allow your breath to deepen into your belly and extend from your heart. Feel on your inhale, you are breathing in Love from your partner and on your exhale you are offering your Love back to their heart. (Your breaths will be opposite of each other offering and receiving the same breath in a continuous cycle.)

♡ Together visualize the soft golden pink ray of infinity loop dancing between your hearts. As your breath becomes fuller, the ray becomes brighter and more alive. 

 ♡ Allow distance between you dissolve as your become 2 bodies with one heart. sharing one breath of life. 

♡ Remain in the practice and breath for 15-22 minutes. Create a safe space to share any feelings, experiences or emotions that desire to be shared. End practice by bringing the hands into namaste (prayer position) to honor the Divine seen and felt in each other. 


3. Yab Yum Variation 


♡ Yab Yum is an ancient Tibetan Tantric practice to deepen connection and harmonize, magnetize and expand sexual energy.

♡ Before dropping into the expanded and full version of this practice, it's recommended to spend some time warming and juicing up - lots of eye gazing, breathing together, adoration and foreplay. You may even wish to begin with one of the other lighter variations of this practice to set the safe and sacred space. 

♡ This practice is the sexual/intimate practice of this meditation and can take you through amazing portals of depth and expansion if you allow and surrender to it fully. It also allows the sexual life-force energy to have a channel to express itself, through the exchange of Love via the Heart. Our sexual energy is the most powerful force and this is a beautiful exercise to begin tapping into it in a sacred way. 

♡ This variation is similar to the one above, however now the female sits atop the male and the lingam is welcomed into the yoni temple.

tantra yab yum

♡ Full consent, trust and a safe container are necessary. 

♡ While circulating the breath allow the united bodies to sway back and forth to the rhythm of the breath. 

♡ Let your instincts and your Love be your guide. 

♡ If at any point it is uncomfortable of the man is reaching the 'point of no return' come back to the breath, the heart, and pause. 

♡ Go for as long as you feel, 15-22 minutes is a great meditative experience, however 5 minutes to begin may be the first edge. 

♡ Communicate and decide together when you are ready to transition.

♡ Leave space for holding and sharing any emotions or experiences that arisen. 



Remember to enjoy and be authentic in your experience, your needs and desires with anything and everything that arises! 


With gratitude and love blessings,

Alila x