Summer Solstice Water Blessing

Every word you speak is a living prophecy, casting a spell upon your manifestation. Every word you speak will somehow, at some point show itself to you. 

Allow yourself to be an oracle for your divinity, calling in and opening to receive your hearts desires. 

Solstice Water Ritual for your Remembering

❈ Pour purified or fresh stream water into a glass jar of your desire. 

❈ Hold this vessel either in front of your heart of in front of your womb and take 3 long, deep juicy breaths

❈ Call in the Light of Gratitude - for all you have and for the longings of your hearts desire.
-If you are stuck then start with 'I wish i could be more grateful for'

Quan Yin

-You will be amazed at how quickly your frequency shifts from anchoring Gratitude

❈ Allow your word to be a spoked prophecy - what is your Heaven on Earth reality?

❈ Call in guides, guardians and angels for support. I love to invite Quan Yin to join me with her Karuna (compassion) for water blessings. 

❈ Surrender to the poetry of the prayer without thinking about the actual words or how it may sound - really drop into your feeling body. 

❈ When complete offer a sprinkle of your blessed up water to Sophia Gaia (Mother Earth) to anchor into Her grids then place out under the Solstice Sun for the remainder of daylight. 

❈ Can add rose-petals, mint leaves, or any herb of your pleasure. 

❈ Intend to carry your prophecy with you throughout the day, consistently returning. 

❈ Once the moon rises or the next morning, return to your solar water - drink slowly and deeply. Ask the water to cleanse the places where you cannot reach as she opens your vessel to embody your prayer. 

❈ For the next couple days continue returning to your prayer like a mantra, surrender to the universal currents and witness your visions come into creation.

Yoni Steam Bonus:

❈ Charge your yoni steam herbs under the solstice frequencies with the same holy intentions as above. Enjoy a self-care yoni steam ceremony under the lunar light while planting your prayers into your womb center. 

❈ Learn more about Yoni Steaming here :


Blessings Beautiful Angel, Thank you for shining your Light and Love upon us! 

Please share any insights, revelations or creations x