Gratitude Womb Holding Ritual

Craving more magick?! 

This ritual can be applied to any gender. For those with wombs, focus on holding the womb, the creation center. For those without, hold your belly, also known as your hara or in Chinese Medicine your dantien, which is known as the 'sea of qi' or 'energy center.'


❈ Before you begin any ritual or ceremony, be sure to set your space and container. Turn off all distractions, electronics, and tell anyone home you request some solo time and to not disturb you.


❈ Light a candle to symbolize the illumination in the flame of your heart as well as calling on the light of the Divine to ignite within you

❈ Lay on your back with knees open and propped up on pillows, or can recline onto the sofa or bed with lots of pillows behind you. This exercise is all about comfort and softness.

❈ Begin breathing deeply into your belly, so you feel it rising and falling with every inhale and exhale. Every exhale feel your body melt into the arms of the Great Mother, exhale any tension in body, mind and spirit.

❈ Bring your hands to your belly, and LET YOUR BELLY BE SOFT!!!

❈ To anchor prayer into the womb, the creation center - I invite you to begin with

"I Am Grateful For... "

Let your imagination run, let your vision soar, don't hold back. Gratitude is a way to feel the energy of the manifestation already becoming in your cellular being so it becomes a reality. Remember to anchor feelings, how do you wish to feel by recieving all that you desire?! What will manifest is of Divine Will, though anchoring gratitude with feelings is the best way to Follow your Yes and Live your Bliss!

Start with things in your immediate field that you are truly grateful for, to begin warming up your gratitude muscle and amping up the vibration. Move into things you are calling into your experience that you are Excited to be grateful for..

If you are unable to feel fully grateful for what you are calling in, that's ok - be Authentic with where you are in the present moment. Try this one..

"I Wish I Was Grateful For..."

I do this often, and it works! Even by our wishing to be grateful, we anchor gratitude!! It's beautiful!

❈ Dive deep and really feel the depth of your womb and heart's desires

❈ There is So much power in your word and your will, remember you are the universe calling upon itself to reflect the JOY that you innately are

Bonus Points:

❈ Do this exercise under the Lunar Lights in a bath filled with epsom salts and sprinkled with rose petals

❈ Hold your Jade Yoni Egg on your belly while doing this practice to charge her up with prayer and loving intentions for your next use

❈If on your moon time, bleed into Mahina Cup (or free-bleed) while offering your prayer, then seal the energy by offering your blood back to Mother Earth

❈Enjoy this ritual while pampering your pussy over a Yoni Steam Spa - can inhale and imagine the gratitude entering your yoni via the warm steam and exhale release any resistance through your relaxed and open yoni (not to do while pregnant or trying to conceive after ovulation)

❈Invite a sister or beloved to join and witness you (can hold space for them too). To do this, you simply lean back onto them, make sure you both are as cozy as possible. They can support you by giving energy to your desires as well as place their hands over yours. "When two or more gather..." the energy is Magnified!

❈Always close the practice with gratitude for all the elements, all the energies that supported you, for Beloved Goddess for hearing you and for you as a radiant reflection of creation taking time to honor yourself in this way.

❈Feel welcomed to add or take away anything that feels true for you!

Please Share your insights and aaahaa moments 

In Gratitude, 

Alila Rose Grace