The Holy Grail 101

What's a Yoni and How To Use Her To Tap into Universal Life-force Energy

Yoni is an ancient sanskrit word for 'the source of all life,' 'the creation center,' or another beautiful sacred word for 'vagina, volva and uterus.' The latin word 'vagina' is a Greek word that translates to 'sword sheath.'


I believe in the power of words and the power of woman. Our yoni is our holy creation center and craves to be honored and appreciated. She holds the wisdom and the mysteries of all of Life and can be our greatest teacher and guide if we allow her to be. Yes, she has her own voice.. ever felt that 'gut intuition?!'

So how do we begin to tap into her?

Well the first thing you can do is bring your hands to her, yes she won't bite! Begin by elongating your breath, allowing the inhales to merge with the exhales like waves reaching for the shore. See if for one moment you can bring All of yourself, All of your awareness into her. Now, invite her to relax - yes most of the time we walk around clenching our yoni, trying to protect her! Once you feel yourself relaxed, you can begin to converse with her like you would an old, dear friend.

"Hey yoni, I know it's been awhile.. how are you?"

You may get an answer, you may get silence. Give her some time and space and I promise she will come to greet you in time if you are patient and persistent! Her deepest desire is to open herself to you and to the world, to share her Light and her Love. She needs (like us all ;)!) attention, devotion and presence.


Did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its
We all remain

from "The Gift"
(poems by Hafiz)


This era is calling for a rise in our consciousness, an elevation in our beings and for us to truly treat each other with respect and gratitude, and this all begins with how we treat ourselves. Can you be for yourself that light and love that you crave? Are you willing to dive into the places of the unknown to truly know yourself?

It all begins here, with your yoni, with the place of creation. We all came from the womb and we shall all return there. How you treat and meet her will eventually show up in how you treat and meet all of life. By tapping into your yoni, you are tapping into the most powerful portal there is, that of creation! By allowing her to be your guide, you will unlock the secrets of your being and begin to vibrate a radiance that only comes from here. She will teach you all the mysteries, she will show you the hidden wells of your sexuality and sensuality, she will open gateways of abundance and creativity, she will assist you in creating the life which is your deepest desire.

Your yoni is the Holy Grail, connected to all yoni's, all womb's, all mysteries and secrets of time. The search is over, you are found, now it's time to dive in and remember. She is waiting and desiring for us to return to Her.

It's important that once we begin to unlock this power center, we also are willing to step through the fires of the deep healings and clearings that is necessary to truly open to become a pure vessel of Love. We hold here all ancestral woundings, all past lovers, all emotional, spiritual and physical traumas, we hold a cellular blueprint of all of our experiences in all lifetimes.... !

Blessings Beautiful x