☥ 11 Reasons why Steaming your Yoni will Change your Life ☥

Fire. Sage. Aum. Intentions. Meditation. Serenity. Awaken.

Warm steam arises from a sweet crevasse beneath me.  It gently warms my yoni and invites her so sweetly to open. Like a rose petal, blossoming, she awakens and becomes receptive to the medicine that is entering her. Sacred flowers and herbs, meticulously picked and boiled for this ancient ritual. Time taken from my modern day swirl to drop in… to be… to breathe. Space allowed to focus all my attention on my beautiful Yoni (ancient Hindu word for ‘sacred womb gateway, vagina’).

Some go to church, yoga, dance… I go to my Yoni Temple every Sunday morning and pray. I have made this ceremony apart of my weekly regime (excluding moon-time) and set aside this sacred space to Remember and Honor my own and the Great Cosmic Womb, which births and creates All into being. 


Ok, so let’s get to the facts - i’m sensing your hungry for them..

Every woman’s uterus needs attention, love & gratitude. When we are One with the womb, we are One with the Goddess.
— Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Womb Shaman

☽☾ Boost Fertility - Yoni Steaming is not only known for increasing fertility for conception purposes, it’s also a powerful tool for bringing forth all dreams and creations into physical manifestation.


☽☾ Balance and Regulate Hormones - Yoni Steaming is a direct link for herb and plant medicine to penetrate the womb. When boiled, the herbs release volatile oils, their unique medicine. As the warm steam opens and relaxes the outer labia, the inner labia swells and exposes herself.  The blood stream then carries the medicine to the entire reproductive bowl, including the womb center. 

☽☾ Detox - Our womb and entire pelvic bowl receives the gifts of stimulating and cleaning the lymph system and expelling toxins. It also aids in cleansing the uterine lining of any unnecessary membranes and buildup. This is really important to do especially after birth, miscarriage, abortion and hormonal birth control.

☽☾ Sweet Nectar - Due to the natural detoxifying effects of Yoni Steaming, your honey nectar will naturally begin to taste and smell sweeter as your body moves towards a more alkaline state. The steam spa will thin excess mucus, leaving behind only vital fertile fluids. 

☽☾ Connect to the Cosmic Womb - Yoni Steaming, aka. Bajos, v-steam and chai-yok, is an ancient practice made modern. By connecting deeply into your womb, which is not only your personal power source, but also the Source of Creation, you will align to the Will of the Cosmic Womb. Our wombs  are linked to all wombs through a web that is unbound by time and space. This means you are doing amazing healing for not only yourself, but also for your ancestral and future generations.

☽☾ Moon-time Grace - After initiating a regular yoni steaming practice, your moon-time will naturally become lighter and more easeful. By clearing and cleansing the womb of old blood and stagnant energy, yoni steaming aids in soothing all Pre-Menstrual Symptoms, emotionally and physically. 

☽☾ Increases Sensitivity and Pleasure - Yoni Steaming increases circulation and creates a more soft and plush yoni. This, in turn, increases sensitivity and receptivity to touch and stimulation.

☽☾ Self Love - Anytime you participate in an act of self love, you are channeling your vital mana  (life-force energy) back into yourself. You are stating that you are worthy, you are deserving, and you are necessary to love up and cherish! Yoni Steaming is taking the time for You. 

☽☾ Yoni Guru - Your yoni knows best, always. This ancient practice gives you the key to tap into your innate wisdom and yoni intelligence. It invites you inside; to your intimate, sacred and powerful center. It is trusting the generations of wisdom that has been passed down from womban to womban to be here with us today. 

☽☾ Activates Kundalini Shakti - Yoni Steaming is a deep spiritual experience. It awakens and fires up Kundalini Shakti (potent life-force energy that resides at the base of your spine) and assists in sending her upwards and through the chakras (spirals of vital energy that contains codes for enlightenment).

☽☾ It's Changed Mine! - Regular Yoni Steaming rituals have changed the way I interact with my own body and the body of the World. It changed the way I eat, make love, speak to my yoni, take time for myself, feel beautiful and worthy. It's lightened and shortened my moon-time, increased pleasure and sensuality and awakened me from the inside. This is why, sister, I am passionate about sharing this potent information with you, in hopes that you will take the risk, try something new, and Remember Who You Are. 


Ready to Start? 

 ☆ What you’ll need to re-create a Yoni Steam Spa in your own sacred space:

☥ Yoni Priestess Steam Seat - Lovingly made and blessed on the sacred island of Hawai’i from all natural wood and stain. It increases your ability to relax into the ceremony and sensations, rather then worrying about squatting over a boiling pot. Our steam seats are easy to store and easier to use. Purchase Here.

 Yoni Priestess Herbs - All organic herbs picked, blessed and dried for your yoni sauna. We have 3 blends, Madien (fertility and menstrual health), Mother (post-partum), and Crone (peri- and post-menopause). Purchase Here.

 BPA free 5-gallon bucket - Your Yoni Priestess Steam Seat will nestle in perfectly to the rim of the bucket. Once you get everything sorted, you have essentially ridged yourself a mini thrown.


Please reach out to me for any reason.
I'm here for you.
We are in it together.

With Yoni-Love,

♡ Alila Grace. Sacred Cycle