☥ Red Tent Newsletter ☥ ~ The Sensuous Bull

☥ Red Tent Newsletter ☥

Taurus Mahina, The Sensuous Bull


The bull of passion and perseverance has come to greet us this new mahina.  She is the ruler of the throat chakra, the first of the earth signs, and the bringer of the spring harvest.  She invites us to root into Gaia, follow through with commitments and speak our Truth into the collective.  Taurus dark moon energy asks us to weed out what is old and stale in our garden of life in order to plant new seeds for spring.  Time to take an honest look on where we are holding so we can let go and charge forward!


☆ Persistance

I invite you to create and commit to 3 S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). SMART goals are a way of keeping ourselves on track and accountable for what we say we will do.  Rather then vaguely saying "I will eat healthy" a SMART goal would say "I will eat at least 1 farm fresh, vegetarian meal a day starting Monday." A SMART goal is something that you can easily measure, 1 meal, 30 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of meditation ect. per day, per week, bi-monthly.. 

Our Taurus sister asks us to be patient and persistent with our goals, and making SMART goals is the best way to achieve long-term success. After your goals are set, mark them in your calendar so you are sure to follow through then let us know in the comments below so we can cheer you on! 


☆ Luxury 


As Taurus is ruled by Venus, she allures us to embody our sensual, luxurious and shamelessly radiant self. Chose your favorite self-care, self-love ritual and indulge away! Make your favorite succulent snack, pucker your luscious lips, dip into a steamy herbal bath, make love to music, spend time getting wild and lost in nature, make a date with your shakti wand.. there are endless possibilities and your imagination is your only limitation. It takes only a moment to choose self-love, can you chose it now? 


☆ Throat Chakra Activation 

Taurus is connected to the throat chakra, vishuddha. It's color is blue and the more we surrender and open to our voice, the deeper we plant our seed of truth into the collective and now more then ever, the world needs to hear you! There are many ways to activate this power center, here are a few suggestions.

Attend a kirtan (sacred chanting and music) at a yoga studio or wellness center near you. Chanting sacred names not only helps to activate your throat chakra but also can make deep shifts in your consciousness. There are many profound scientific studies on the benefits of these ancient practices. This form of yoga is known as Bhakti - the yoga of devotion.

Here's a clip to get you started from one of my favorite Kirtan Artists: Krishna Das 

Another way to play with the throat chakra is in shavasana or resting meditation you can visualize a cool blue sphere at your throat pit and with your breath and attention invite it to spin in a clockwise direction, as you amp up your breath you can make the sphere spin faster and expand it's light. Let your mind fade as your imagination takes over, trust the journey and your intuition to guide you deeper.   

Grab your favorite instrument, or get creative with nature, a drum, rattle, sound bowl, sticks and rocks.. take many deep breaths into the belly, in through the nose and open mouth exhale. Allow yourself to become present and unaware of your external environment. With each exhale allow more and more sound to escape until you no longer have to track your breath and your voice takes a life of her own. Don't judge, don't think about what's coming out of your mouth, the more you can allow absolutely authentic, un-controled sounds the better! Notice what comes up - the first time you were silenced, judgement around being in-tune, who may be listening.. let it all come up, this is part of the healing and release! If you get stuck, check out the exercise above and offer your throat chakra a breath activation. Also, what has greatly helped me to release control and judgements is to invoke a prayer for someone else through my voice and then the 'song' is less about me and what it sounds like and more aligned with the energy of the prayer and the song for those who are unable to sing. 


☆ Earth Ma

With Taurus energy ruling the sky and Earth Day just passing, we are asked to find a moment to commune with ma Gaia. 


Her sea is our blood
Her rocks are our bones
Her mountain ridges and valley depth are our curves and creases
Her creaks, our wrinkles
Her waterfalls, our pleasure nectar
Her river, our tears
Her lava, our womb blood
Her roots, our nourishment 

We are Her
She is Us
Beloved Mama Gaia is the soul of the earth and we, Her ambassadors
How are you honoring the Earth today, everyday? 

Put your feet, your womb, your yoni on Mama.  Feel Her pulse, sync into her heartbeat, give thanks for everything She has gifted us!

Plant a seed in Her fertile belly and a prayer in her dancing branches.  Eat a local farm, fresh meal and savor every bite of rich enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 

Most of all take this time to enjoy, to find a moment of gratitude and stillness. 

Blessings to you Beautiful Sister!

Please be in touch xx

In service of Beloved,  Alila