Alila Grace 


Alila Grace has been deeply rooted in the Sacred Feminine and Ancient Tantric teachings since 2009 after finding her yoga mat and spiritual heart in 2001. She is a passionate sharer of everything that brings us back to Love and Divine Remembrance. Inviting you to step out of the collective mind and into your deep, intrinsic soul, where you will find the gateway to liberation.  Alila is the founder and creator of Mahina Cup and Sacred Cycle, based and blessed on Big Island, Hawaii with her 1 year old daughter and beloved partner.


Alila began Mahina Cup after traveling many 3rd world countries and feeling a pressing need for alternative menstrual options for both travelers and locals. Her self breaking point was a post-college trip to Costa Rica where she began her moon time spontaneously and unexpectedly. She had to hire a taxi from her yoga retreat center to take her to the local bus station which transported her to the next neighboring town, to then hire another driver to go to a large warehouse type store. The only menstrual options were pads that more resembled diapers or an off-brand of tampons that were long, large and extremely uncomfortable! Upon returning back to the mainland after this trip, she vowed to never be at the whims of period protection ever again and her first menstrual cup became like treasured gold - especially when traveling through small villages in countries like India, where even toilet paper was not a buying option! 


While living in India and noticing the lack of menstruation sanitation and options for locals, Alila was very distressed. Her sweet Indian didi (sister) would tell her that she couldn't ever hide her period as her rags were as bigger than diapers and she often had to stay home from work and school shaming her body and her cycle. Then to add to the distortion, the menstrual waste would pile up in the local rivers and fresh water sources.

There is a lot of taboo around moon-time in India and I believe because the ancient scriptures have been distorted to serve the patriarch. For example, bleeding women are not allowed in the temple, in ceremony, or in places of ritual and prayer. Women are told they are unclean and unfit at this time to be in sacred space. The Truth is that bleeding women are so powerful, clairvoyant, and intuitive that it is said Her prayers are louder then all others present! So what started as a conversation with didi over home-made chai turned into offering to support her in breaking taboos and finding empowerment in her own body and process which quickly and divinely lead to the birth of Mahina Cup! 

 Upon rooting down on the Big Island, Hawaii in 2013, Sacred Cycle has continued to expand in both mission and outreach. Alila loves mermaiding with our friends of the deep sea, and as she found tampons on the shore line and saw the reef loosing vibrancy from the chemicals in the ocean, a passion ignited our ‘Blue Mission’ to support our waters.

Alila is constantly integrating, creating, re-inventing and finding deeper passion and inspiration within her offerings and divine mission. She is activated to continue supporting and empowering women of all ages, races, and religions. She is passionate about supporting the oceans, the earth and protecting clean water sources. She created Sacred Cycle as a mission for her own and the collective healing, to inspire women and girls to love and cherish their holy body temples, and to bridge the physical with the spiritual into sacred awareness of the entire feminine landscape. 

Mermaid with Naia