8 Sacred Moon-Time Rituals


The dictionary defines sacred as 'something regarded with or deserving of deep respect.'

Making moon-time sacred is not about any particular ceremony or ritual. To make sacred is to offer your loving attention, while creating a space of prayer, devotion and intention. We can make everything in our life sacred; eating, making love, working in the garden, reading a book, exercising… and moon-time. Making moon-time sacred is a beautiful alchemical journey, it’s taking something that has been written off as taboo and shoved in the closet - and bringing it into the Light, to love, to honor and to cherish. Falling in love with moon-time is embracing and loving the whole process; the cramps, the emotional fluctuations, the bleeding, the shedding and all moments in between. The below rituals are some of our favorites during moon-time as reminders that our body, our cycle and our blood are all Sacred.

1. Give Your Blood Back to Mama Earth


The is one of the most important rituals we can partake in as womban. Our moon blood is full of life-creating nutrients, I like to imagine it as liquid ‘Shakti’ (divine feminine life-force energy). By offering our blood back to mama earth, we are giving back to Her in so many ways. My favorite thing to do is offer my blood back to my veg garden and fruit trees. Our blood has an imprint of our DNA, and when we offer it to our produce, it actually syncs up and infuses our produce with the vitamins and minerals that our body specifically needs. What an amazing feedback loop! We offer Her our nutrient dense fertilizer and she offers deliciousnutritious food right back to us :) 

Pour Directly onto the Earth

By bleeding into your Mahina Cup, it’s easy to give your moon blood to the Earth. If you live on a property with some privacy, you can remove it outside and pour your blood directly onto the earth. If you are offering your blood to the garden as fertilizer, it’s best to have a sacred womb chalice or watering can to empty your Mahina Cup into, thus diluting with water and sprinkling like magic fairy-dust throughout your garden. 


 Free Bleed

This ritual invites you to tap into your ancestral lineage of goddesses who gathered in circle, sat on straw piles or wet earth and let it Flow. You can choose a special sacred spot that becomes your own expression of a modern Red Tent. This could be a grassy area in your back yard, a private shore-line location, sitting in the bath tub or going for a nude dip in a private stream. Allow yourself to experience blood trickling down your inner thigh as you give it all back to the earth. What a gorgeous expression of Letting Go. 


It’s important to state a positive affirmation when offering your moon medicine and partaking in these subtle, yet powerful blood rituals. You are welcome to use ours, or come up with something authentic to your own connection to your blood, your womb, your divine feminine and to Earth Mama.


Affirmation: I am an embodiment of my wild, sacred self. I willingly let go to all that I’m holding onto to allow my full radiance to Shine Forth Now. I lovingly embrace the Flow of Life and all it’s beautiful blessings. I am Whole, I am Loved, I am a Vibrant Goddess. I am fully connected with my purpose and creativity as I follow clear messages and intuition, and my blood, as a humble offering affirms this as true. I give thanks for…. and for all that I am, and all that I have. Aho! 


2. Womb Massage

During our moon-time, our wombs are extremely, open, receptive, and full of activity, which sometimes leaves us achy, crampy and cranky. To consciously set aside time to offer Light, blessings and soft touch to your womb, she will be so grateful and will most likely ease up on her need for attention. Find a private, cozy space where you can drop in and be left alone for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Before you begin, bring one hand to your heart and one hand to your womb and imagine a brilliant, diamond white light connecting these two spaces. When your womb and heart feel united, bring your hands to form a downward facing triangle over your womb space.


When she is ready for touch (if you listen closely and ask, trust that you will know), rub a quarter size dollop of Moon Lodge Balm briskly between your palms, so you create some heat, and begin to feel, listen and respond to what she needs. Give yourself time and space to fully drop into this process. I like to light candles, incense, put on my favorite soothing tunes, and surround myself with altar pieces and inspiring affirmations. Allow your creativity and self-expression to come alive, trust that you have all that you need to heal yourself. When finished, give time to integrate and journal your experience.

3. Embrace your Taste
What better way to honor the Goddess that you are than by feeding yourself succulent delectables!? I love making a super charged tasty treat with raw cacao as the star ingredient. Cacao literally means “the food of the Gods/Goddesses” in Aztec language and is overflowing with antioxidants, iron, magnesium, “feel-good hormones,” and the “Bliss Chemical” - basically it’s like making love to your taste buds! I typically create an intoxicating delicacy at the beginning of my moon, freeze it, and nibble on it throughout the week as a yummy boost. I have included a sample recipe below - i typically don’t use measurement utensils and add what I have in stock. This is an invitation to PLAY! Get creative, lick it off your fingers, lick it off a lovers fingers, and have fun!


  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup rolled oats (gluten free if necessary)
  • ¼ cup chia seeds
  • pinch sea salt
  • ¼ cup dark chocolate chips


  1. In a small sauce pan over low heat, melt together the almond butter and honey, then stir in the cacao powder, sea salt and vanilla. Stir well until everything is combined
  2. In a mixing bowl stir together the chia seeds and oats (here you can also add goji berries, hemp hearts, cacao nibs.. whatever your womb desires)
  3. Pour the chocolate mixture over the oats and seeds and mix well. I used my fingers to really blend it well
  4. Pop the mixture in the fridge for 5 minutes to cool down
  5. Add in the chocolate chips and roll into balls
  6. Store in the fridge in a sealed container

4.  Moon-Time Altar

To celebrate the birth/death cycle that is happening in our body, we can create and break down a mini altar that is specifically cultivated to call down energies for the current moon-time. Start by bringing a tarot deck to your womb and asking for a message, energy, or insight.  Add a few of your most sacred altar pieces to hold space and allow your moon-time altar to create itself. I love making art and writing lists of what i’m calling in and what i’m letting go of as an offering. 

I often create nature art, utilizing shells, stones, coral, flowers, fruits.. ect. This is a divine way to refine and enrich sacred moon-time energy. It is a complete honoring and reverence of the whole process. Get creative and discover your own ways to celebrate this powerful portal that graces us with her presence every month.  

*Outside altars, like this one shown, are a perfect place to drop into the wisdom and gifts Mama Earth and Free Bleed. 

5. Drink Reds

We drink red liquids as a symbolic offering to our body to receive the medicine that she is shedding.  In ancient and modern tantric rituals, ceremony is done around drinking our own moon blood - our vital, life-creating elixir. There are also many stories of our ancestors sharing blood (especially menarche, first bleed) with the community in forms of breads and elixirs as an offering of medicine to heal, connect and honor the divine feminine. We can call in the wisdom of our ancestors in the form of drinking organic beetroot juice, 100% cranberry, cherry, or blueberry juice and/or red wine. 
If you are feeling super courageous and wild, you can put a few drops of your own moon mana into your red juice, bless it up and feel your whole being awaken. There is much research being done around the miracles of moon blood. Our blood contains steam cells and pure life-force potential, it’s also known as the ‘youth elixir’ in some underground societies. Cheers!

6. Warrioress Face and Body Paint
Here is your chance to fully embrace and embody your Warrioress Wild Woman. This is an invitation to begin a conversation with your Tribal Self. You can start by taking out your Mahina Cup in the shower and experiment by painting spirals, circles, hearts and symbols on your belly, inner thighs, feet, hands and arms. You can call in your Devi (Hindu Goddess) and place a red dot on your 3rd eye space (between your eyebrows). Have fun, get curious, remember your blood is a sacred expression of your CREATIVE life-force! Imagine yourself as a beautiful, naked canvass and paint your Shakti on as you call in your dreams and desires. This one is defiantly out of the box, and also one of the most powerful and sacred rituals there is. 

7. Adorn Yourself in Red
Call in your root chakra energy and sensual self by wearing red undergarments, a red skirt, a red top or red dress as an expression and full embrace of your sacred moon-time. You can create a sisterhood in your community to wear a red pendant or clothing during moon-time to slyly let your sisters know you are on your moon. Also, setting up your own illustration of a Red Tent in your room or a special place in your home is a perfect way to surround yourself in moon-time bliss. Do this simply by draping red material over your couch or bed, and remember the Radiant Fertile Goddess that you are. Be as indulgent as you like!

8. Self-Care Pampering

Often, in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we barely leave extra time set aside to just Be. Allowing ourself space with no expectations, but to spoil and romance ourself is deeply nourishing and satisfying. For some this will interpret to snuggling up with a movie and tasty treats, others this means a glass of wine and a bubble bath kissed with rose petals and essential oil. Every moon calls forth a different embodiment of the Goddess, you, to emerge. My favorites are beauty treatments, self massage, a beautiful meal cooked just for me and a solo evening of sensually dancing to sweet tunes.. lavishing in my expression of Pampered Priestess. Go with the flow, and let go of the needing to be or do anything. The goddess is an image of divine beauty, honor yourself in this way.


The Crone/Wise Women
The Archetype of the Bleeding Woman 

"The crone emerges during the late pre-menstrual and bleeding time. She can be a wise woman or a destructive witch depending on how she handles this time. Her mood darkens and she becomes pulled inward, becoming quieter, more reflective and more in touch with the dream time. She is less ‘in the world’ and like an older person is in need of more rest. This time has many gifts for the woman and her community, if she can learn to retreat and allow her visions to emerge from the darkest depths.”

~excerpt from ’Moon Time - A guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle’ by Lucy H. Pearce


Our Blood Is Our Truth

There is no denying it

We see red, we see her flow

Like a volcano she erupts

She spills down

With no control

We must let go now

We must bleed

We must be free

We must embrace

There is no other way

There is no other place to be

Than right Here

Here in this body

Connecting to our Deepest Truth

Our true nature




Rest Now. 

Breath and rest







In love and eternal moon-time blessings,

Alila Shakti Grace 

Founder, Sacred Cycle

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