Shamanic Womb Journey

An invitation and guided Meditation inside your Holy Temple

This journey was recorded during a Live session as a transmission so you can feel the potency and power of womb presence. To receive the depth of this recording, be sure to set aside a good hour to dedicate to yourSelf and your Womb. Light a candle, burn some sage, bring in the sacred elements that call to you, lock your door, turn off your phone and allow yourself to become fully present and open. 

This meditation transmission will lead you on a journey through your inner sanctum and different aspects of your feminine landscape. It will offer you a reference point to your womb, so you may return, as well as an opportunity to check in with your other beautiful and sacred sites along the way. This meditation is meant to help you see, feel and release what you hold inside. 

Leave time and space afterwards to journal, process and sprinkle me a message with what you discovered and if you need assistance going deeper. 

I recommend using the bathroom before and after - to be empty enough to relax and to release anything that needs to be released. I'm excited to hear from you sister - enjoy ♡

Sacred Sound Scape: Kristin Hoffmann