100% Pure Rose Quartz Shakti Wand

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100% Pure Rose Quartz Shakti Wand


These gems are an amazing tool of pleasure, play, healing and empowerment. They have been infused with the Pink Ray of Holy Sophia and carry a strong frequency of Divine Love.

Shakti Wands are about 7 inches in length and 1.5 - 2 inches in diameter from small end to wider one. They all are slightly variable in shape and color gradient because of the rare, natural crystal. All Shakti Wands are 100% Pure Rose Quartz. 

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As we move out of an old paradigm of pornographic sexuality and into a sacred, safe and deeply conscious sexuality these wands are perfect to mirror the shift from didos/vibrators (which are extremely harmful for the clitoris, g-spot and vaginal canal) to Divine Play. Shakti Wands are a beautiful aide in healing sexual trauma, birth trauma, or any patterns of judgement, self-doubt, shame and unworthiness stuck in the power center... of course they are a tool - you have to do the 'work/play!' 

Please use your Shakti Wand with presence, softness and an invitation - always ask your yoni "is it ok to enter.." - consent is Key, even when it's just you. It's an invitation to re-network our patterning to always ask permission and leave behind old behaviors of forced penetration. 

I have found her deeply orgasmic the more I Presence Play with breath, love, gentleness and honor. The vibration of Love is the most powerful on our planet, please allow yourself the space to drop into this Sacred Gift. 

Shakti Wands are also fantastic as massage tools and acupressure point treatment, both internally and externally. 

Message me with any enquiries - Blessings x