CBD Love Oil ♡


CBD Love Oil ♡

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This Full Spectrum, Full Plant Hawaii Homegrown CBD (low thc) Love Oil is a natural cure-all medicine. Our bodies are originally designed full of cannabinoid receptors in all systems of the body, which means when the CBD binds to these receptors it assists at bringing your body back to homeostasis. We also receive cannabinoids in mama’s breast milk (no wonder babies are always blissed out and in the present moment)!

Among it’s variety of benefits, CBD is the perfect aphrodisiac, play oil. It opens the blood vessels and increases the blood flow (more engorgement, more sensation, more ecstasy) in the genitals of both sexes. This blessed up beauty is naturally infused into 100% organic olive oil. Your yoni is a sacred and delicate place, so we keep it simple - 2 ingredients, cannabis + olive oil. The olive oil makes an excellent silky lubricant that is delicious for all types of play while the cannabis works her magic. They make such a yummy union!

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Cannabis + Sex = an ancient secret!

In ancient Delphi, it was only the Priestesses who were allowed to use cannabis, however they did not smoke it - they steamed their yoni's with it! This allowed the plant to open the blood cells, increase sensation in the vaginal canal, infuse the dreamy, relaxed, ecstasy-driven state directly into her womb and to honor the medicine of the sacred plant through prayer and ceremony. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend putting a flower or 2 into your yoni steam herbal mix and Remembering for yourself. 

** For more information on Yoni Steaming **

This love oil is honoring the ancient ways, plus allowing us to benefit from an amazing secret! I promise your intimacy will be driven to new and exciting heights as you invite this sacred plant into your bedroom in a safe and invigorating way! 

Plus there are so many other ways and benefits of using the CBD Love Oil: (when taken orally)

❈ Adaptogenic

❈ Anti-stress, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant 

❈ Helps to balance hormones

❈ Lubricates digestive track

❈ Anti-inflammatory - relieves headaches and joint pain

❈ Anti-spasmatoc

❈ Neuro-protectant

❈ Alleviates acnes and facial blemishes, inflammation, discoloration etc when applied topically


100% tested and backed 


** If you prefer 100% Organic coco oil please let us know in the notes at purchase - only 2oz currently available **