Jade Yoni Egg ॐ


Jade Yoni Egg ॐ


100% natural and genuine nephrite Canadian Jade. This Jade Yoni Egg is an amazing tool for ancient practices of healing womb trauma, toning the pelvic floor, awakening dormant energies, increasing fertility and expanding orgasmic potential!  

The eggs are approximately 1 & 1/4 inch long by 1 inch wide (4.3cm long x 2.7cm wide).

All Jade Eggs come in a 100% organic cotton pouch that supports women's liberation from sex slave trade in Kolkata, India as well as a small pamphlet with care guide and some exercises to get you started! 

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In our modern day, for the modern woman, Jade Yoni Eggs have Many amazing benefits!

  1. Feel more anchored and centered in Self
  2. Lift and tone uterus and pelvic floor 
  3. Strengthen yoni (vaginal) canal 
  4. Cultivate shakti -  divine feminine life force energy 
  5. Increase radiance and vitality 
  6. Tune into your succulent and sensual essence
  7. Heighten orgasmic potential
  8. Healing of traumas, wounds, etc 
  9. Activate dormant muscles and energy centers
  10. Build a positive relationship with sexuality 
  11. Experience purposeful ecstacy!