Yoni Priestess Herbs


Yoni Priestess Herbs

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Our unique blend of Yoni Steaming herbs, all are 100% organic wild-crafted and of the best quality!! They come in 3 varieties for you to chose from, depending on where you are in your Sacred Cycle. Each pack contains 4oz of medicinal herbs - perfect for 4-5 yoni steaming rituals. 

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Maiden: fertility, reproductive health and general support for vital womb

Mother: postpartum

Wise Womb: peri- and post-manopause 

Special Blend: Let us know your intention or what you are working with currently in your womb, yoni, emotional landscape, etc and we are Honored to whip up a special blend just for you :) 

☆Now offering special Yoni Priestess Membership - discounted steam herbs shipped to you monthly. Please connect with us for details☆