☥ Yoni Priestess Steam Seat ☥


☥ Yoni Priestess Steam Seat ☥


☆Hand-made and blessed on Big Island, Hawaii. These yoni steam seats are easy, comfortable, travel friendly and a potent way to incorporate home yoni steam treatments into your self-care practice. Crafted with all natural stain and sealed with an organic bees-wax finish. 

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The yoni steam circles hosted by Alila Grace are a truly sacred and comfortable space to share our journey and our power as women. She reminds us that we are sisters. That we are here to support one another and to be supported. She encourages us to step into our power and express that true wisdom through song and speech and other forms of self expression. I always leave Alila’s sacred ceremonies feeling nourished and refreshed by both the steamy herbal blend and also by the energy of sharing a circle with empowered goddesses.
Having a personal and very carefully crafted yoni steam seat allows me to step back into that space whenever I am called. I have been able to recreate my own sacred ceremony at home inspired by all that I learned and felt in those circles. The yoni steam seat has invested me in further self growth and personal care, a true gift to the womb! Thank you Alila.
— Dr. Kelsey Becker, ND

☆All you need to create a sacred ritual is your Yoni Priestess Steam Seat, a BPA free 5 gallon bucket, a bag of Yoni Priestess Steam Herbs, and a metal, ceramic or glass bowl. 

☆Purchase of seat will include a full how-to video to be sure you are prepared and confident in starting this profound and deeply healing practice 

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This is our GIFT to you to honor and Celebrate WOMEN! 

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Blessed be and praying for women's liberation, awakening, healing and empowerment creates ripples that creates waves across the collective. When we each do our work individually, we are also making a Great Impact Globally!! 


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